Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Over the weekend

This weekend my cousin Morgan got married in the Draper Temple. It was so neat, we went there for the Open House but it was awesome to go in to watch an ordinance. Driving up was beautiful, there was fog all over and it was like we were in the clouds. It was a nice day. I don't get to see my Dennis side of the family as much, so it was nice to spend the whole day with them.

Here are my cute cousins first is Katie then Brooklynn and on the right Sammi. Brooklynn loves them so much and hangs all over them when she sees them.

In this picture Brooklynn and Caleb were being naughty playing in the fountain, but they got caught. Also in the back ground you see my uncle Tim and cousins Sammy and Scott.

Here is Terra and I with the two cute baby's Cameron and Zack. Wow Zack has a lot of hair. Then there's my cute little baldy.

Brooklynn and Caleb loved dancing together at the reception. It was so cute when they started slow dancing.

At one point Brooklynn flung Caleb and he fell on the floor. She is definately not the most graceful dancer. We had a great day and night with the family.

Too bad my poor little nephew Tyler (on the Oldroyd side) split his head open that night and had to get 3 staples put in. Poor Ty, we love you!


The Bliss Family said...

I love the Draper temple, it is so beautiful! Weddings are so fun, and it looks like Brooklynn was enjoying herself too!

Joan said...

Danielle - your Brooklynn and Cameron are so darling. You do such a great job with your blog. You are so creative - you remind me so much of your mom. I miss her, and yes, I did see the entry about her birthday. I'm glad that she had a wonderful time - she deserves it!

Jenny said...

Your babies are so cute!