Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth day! We decided to wait and have Muffin Tin lunch today. We wanted to do blue and green to represent the ocean and land for the earth. So I dyed the egg salad blue, she had green celery, green fish crackers, grapes (I didn't have green grapes so purple will have to do), blue and green fruit snacks. Also her drink was a pinkish color and I thought I would be smart and dye it blue. I thought if I put enough food coloring it would work well it went brown. It looks really nasty, but Brooklynn didn't notice. I figure that the earth (dirt) is brown so it works. For dessert Brooklynn had bugs in the ground. I love doing this pudding/oreo treat. My mom always use to do it when we were little.

After lunch we went on a walk. Brooklynn collected flowers (only weeds) and some beautiful rocks. Doesn't she look cute in her golloshes(sp)? It was such a nice day and our walk was so nice. Except Brooklynn kept screaming and running from bugs. She said "Oh, bugs are so Noying." It was kinda cute, she is such a girl. (Nothing wrong with that, I hate bugs too.)

When Cameron had his nap we did a project together. Brooklynn made a Earth Tamberine. She colored really good. She looked at a picture I had on the computer, so she colored the land and water the right colors. She is so proud of her "music thing". Unfortunately she can't play it yet, because Ryan is sleeping. But tonight I think I know what will be "Noying". We had a fun day celebrating Earth day, although I am not the best at being Green, I try to do my best.


Amy said...

what a great mommy you are! what a fun day--and will would be all over those bugs! He just got a magnifying glass and loves to look at bugs!

LindsayK said...

You're such an awesome, creative mom! Looks like so much fun!

Jeff and Nanci said...

I didn't even know it was earth day, so that tells you how good I am at being green. I recycle my grocery bags though. Is that green? Brooklynn is so cute, and you are such a good mom to keep up on the muffin tin mondays. I am usually running all over the place, so gracie usually gets her lunch in a bowl as we are driving. We should all get together at one of our houses with all the little kids a do a craft day. I think they would love it.