Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our special Day!

Before I get into our wonderful celebration we took Cameron to a urologist to check his hypospadius penis (the hole is kinda in the wrong place.) The doctor took a look and it is good news. No surgery for our little guy. Wahoo!

Two years ago Tuesday on April 7, 2005 our sweet little Brooklynn was sealed to us. We were so blessed to adopt Brooklynn after we had been married for almost 5 years. Unfortunately we had some issues with the birth father and it was a long 14 month process to finally make her officially ours. Then we set our temple date. It was so amazing to be able to go in the temple again with our little girl and have her sealed to us for time and eternity. I am so thankful for temples and all the temple work that people do.

We wanted to celebrate with both our children the blessing of temples and that they are both sealed with us. We got them each a warm fuzzy blanket and some crocs. We spent the day at home and Brooklynn helped me plant some seeds, while Cameron watched.

As a tradition that we started last year for her one year anniversary we went to eat at the Lion house. Only a few minutes after sitting down to eat the fire alarm went off. I immediately stood up and we started collecting our kids and food. I looked around and everyone was just sitting. One table commented that they wanted to finish eating and said, "Watch it be a real fire while we sit and eat." I was not going to take that chance. Right when we were getting up they told us a little boy pulled the fire alarm. We sat down and finished eating. We walked around the temple and took some pictures and talked to Brooklynn about that special day we had with her.

We walked across the street and went to the Church History Museum. Brooklynn loved the I am a Child of God exhibit. It was really cute with a lot of fun activities. We didn't have a lot of time, Ryan had a doctor's apt to get to, we will definately have to go back there.

It was great to spend the two days with my hubby and two kids and celebrate our eternal family. I love them all so much and wouldn't change the way I got Brooklynn or Cameron. They are both very special and both our little miracles. Ryan and I are so thankful for them.


Jeff and Nanci said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! We are so glad Brooklynn and Cameron are in our family. love you guys!

Amy said...

How special! I have never met Brooklynn or Cameron, but from pictures and stories I am so glad they are apart of the Oldroyd clan!

Liz said...

What a neat day. I have been meaning to take Sarah to the museum and keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder/idea. See you Saturday. :-)