Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day Dinner

I wanted to do something fun today for April Fools Day, but I have gotten boring in my old age. Well I was watching Studio 5 today and they had this cute idea for dinner. They had Mashed Potatoes died pink in a pie, but instead I did Chicken Pot Pie. I died the slits pink to look like it was a berry pie.
For dessert we had Spagetti and meatballs??? Nope, it is a cupcake with frosting as the noodles, a Fererro Rocher Chocolate as the meatball, Strawberry jam for Sauce and some cocanut sprinkled on top as the Parmasean cheese. It was yummy!

For April fools Brooklynn thought it would be silly to drink out of a bottle. The last time she drank out of a bottle was 2 years ago and well this was the last time. She sure had fun though. Also Brooklynn kept saying "Mommy there's a monster behind you... April Fools." She even called my mom (Grandma Bean) and played the same trick on her. We all fell for it :)
Here is Ryan eating the yummy sketti, I know I take too many pictures. It's amazing Ryan puts up with it. Well we had a fun day.


The Bliss Family said...

What a cute idea! I wish I was more creative like that!

Erin Stones said...

What a fun idea!

Jen said...

What awesome ideas! oh- and the entertainment center was made by the wood connection. they were awesome

Greg and Heather said...

very fun! i didn't do anything, but put up with my boys telling me i had a spider on me all day. :)

the nayz said...

I was wondering why your house smelled so good last night. It must have been the pie!!