Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a very fun filled Easter this year.
DYEING EASTER EGGS Saturday night we colored Easter eggs. I got this idea from a neighbor, you get the eggs out and color on them with crayons when they are still hot. The heat melts the wax and it looks really cool. When we were younger we would color with crayons and then dye them and the crayon turns a neon looking color but never when they are hot. It was neat. Plus it eliminates the dye mess. We already had dye so we still dyed them after. I thought they turned out really cute, the two with faces are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Brooklynn had a lot of fun.

FINDING BASKETSAfter coloring eggs Brooklynn got all our baskets and put them out so the Easter Bunny can find them. And went to bed, when she woke up we had to go and find our baskets. Cameron's was in his exersaucer, Mine and Ryan's was on our desk in the dining room, and Brooklynn's was the hardest. She found hers in the kitchen in a cupboard. Brooklynn got the movie Tale of Desperaux, 3 Fancy Nancy books, little snack tubs, Candy jewelry, some yummy candy and of course a new dress. Cameron got the movie Madagascar 2, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, snack container,a studly outfit and baby food. Ryan and I got Bedtime stories, Peeps and candy. We then went to church and Brooklynn was very excited to go see her teachers again. We read her the Easter story and she watched the church video about Easter. It is really fun to teach Brooklynn things now and she acctually remembers and understands it. So Brooklynn can tell you who Easter is really about and what happened. It's really cute.

THE EASTER EGG HUNT part 1After church we went to my mom's for dinner and our 29th annual Easter Egg hunt.(every year since Josh was born) If you know my mom, she celebrates every holiday and makes it so much fun. We have always loved our Easter egg hunts, when I was dating Ryan he thought it was weird until he won a bunch of stuff. So Ryan and Terra are the biggest competitors, which include but are not limited to; pushing, shoving, throwing, jumping and diving into bushes. I try to stay away from them. We had a lot of fun this year. Josh is the silent but deadly player, he doesn't run or push, he walks slowly but often he wins. Jake still is healing and can't really bend well, so he had a little helper (Brooklynn). Everyone tried to Veto, but my mom said that Brooklynn is helping Jake.

AND THE WINNER IS...... Ryan won this year. Only by like 2 eggs. It was between Ryan, Johana and Josh. Who do you think got last place??? Not injured Jake, but me, I lost by almost 10 eggs. Which was fine this year, because my mom decided that each person would get 2 gift cards each. So it was not fun for Terra and Johana who had all of them, but really nice for me cause I didn't get any. Everyone (but me) complained so I think we will go back next year to the old way. I got 2 gift cards, lots of candy and 8 dollars, Ryan got 20 dollars, 2 gift cards and lots of candy. (Johana got like 25 dollars... next year we know who to watch out for.)

KID'S EASTER EGG HUNTThe kids had their egg hunt after, first they had to wake Caleb up. They had fun too, well Brooklynn and Roger had fun. (Roger is the boy of Josh and Johana's friends from Honduras who visited.) Caleb was too tired to enjoy himself and the two babies had no clue of what was going on. They got a lot of money and some candy, and fruit snacks. Also my mom gave them each a little basket Brooklynn's and Caleb's had bubbles, outfit, pj's, some little toys, new waterbottle's with their names on it, treats and some little toys. Cameron and Zach got an outfit, pj's, a movie, a bib, and babyfood.

Peep Wars!
So this year was the first edition of Peep wars. My mom did this at work and had to do one with our family. You get a package of peeps and make a peep monster. However you want and put two in the microwave which ever one stabs the other first wins. and you keep battling until there is only one winner. It was pretty fun. But we had to leave early so even though I won Terra and then won Jake I gave Jake my winnings so he could keep playing.In this picture mine is the purple one, Terra's is yellow and Brooklynn's is pink, notice how they look the same. And guess who the winner was.....
Jacob Budd, who knows if I stayed I could have won. But I didn't care, we wanted to go to the Oldroyd's and see them too. Unfortunately we didn't get to dye eggs or have an Easter Egg hunt this year. (at least yet.) Everyone was very busy with other family and working and we just couldn't really get all together. Next year for sure we will. At least we all ate dinner and spent the day together the Sunday before. It is so nice to spend this time with family and enjoy the time of year. Although we do all the commercial Easter stuff. We do not forget the meaning of why we celebrate Easter and we are so thankful for those eternal blessings.


LindsayK said...

Oh the peeps war thing really makes me laugh! Your family is so creative. Looks like a fun easter!

the nayz said...

Love the peep wars!! Do you think anyone would notice if I showed up at your mom's house next holiday?

Ashley said...

What fun traditions!! I'll have to remember these for my family.

The Oldroyd's said...

Well so many people have said that they want to come to my mom's. She does the funnest things and I hope that we continue doing them and that I can do them with my kids. Well Staci, you can try to show up, I am sure she will notice hehehe!

The Bliss Family said...

Peep wars...what a great idea! Sounds like you have great holiday parties!