Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Decades Party

My cousin's had a surprise Retirement party for my aunt. They decided it would be fun to have it be a decades party and you could either dress up from a different era or just wear Red, Black or White. Of course I had to dress up and wore my neice Katelin's Halloween costume. The other thing is there were no kids (except nursing babies of course.) So Brooklynn stayed with her uncle Jake, and cousin Caleb and went with him on a date. Sounds like they had fun.
We did a lot of fun stuff at the party. First we played the game of clue and had to figure out who done it! Very fun, I love this kind of stuff. It was awesome, so many people dressed up so cute and we had a ball. I loved Josh's floods and glasses and my aunt and uncle's 50's costumes.
We also played a game where we were a certain celebrity. The name was on our back and we had to ask Yes or No questions to figure it out. I was Shirley Temple and I guessed it pretty fast. My mom was Brad Pitt and could not guess it for the life of her. I gave her sooooooooooooooo many clues to help her out. Cameron was Beyonce Knowles but ended up eating his name tag. What a fun night, I did have to miss out on Bunco but it was nice to support my aunt and spend time with family. Thanks, Tawnya, Tina, Tracy, Sheri and Troy for planning a fun party!


the nayz said...

This sounds like so much fun! It gives me a great idea for my moms 60th birthday coming up!!!

Jeff and Nanci said...

These pictures are hilarious. It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I hate dressing up and I always hated dressing up for halloween. I would have been a party pooper.