Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Family Fun

Ryan's cousin Casey got married to Sara Brook and at the wedding Brooklynn got the bouquet. She was so excited. It was fun for her. She kept them in her room forever, until finally a few months later They just kept falling apart. She was so sad, but happy that she got to catch them.
Art is a big part of Brooklynn's life. She decided she wanted to save money for Sea World. She started drawing pictures to sell.
"Starry Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. She did a good job.
Cam and McKenna wanted to join in on the fun.
Brooklynn made this picture of Mater for my cousin Rosa's little boy Dallin who was in the hospital.
It was another nice day and so I made the kids a yummy Spring lunch to eat outside. Cam's had a bike and baseball ball.
Brooklynn chose an umbrella and flower for her sandwich.
McKenna's was two flowers.
The older kids ate their outside and McKenna ate inside with Mommy.
On another occassion we went and got an icecream from Arctic Circle.
Daddy was at work one night and so we made some popcorn in the microwave.
It was so yummy and healthy.
We then watched a movie and snuggled together.
McKenna turned 18 months old. She finally went to nursery.
She loved it and didn't mind if mom and dad left her. :(
Cameron decided that he LOVES to dress up.
These are only two of the many pictures. More to come...
McKenna is Cameron and Brooklynn's little dolly and they dress her up too and play house.

Earth Day and Sealing Anniversary

Happy Earth Day!
Cameron loves playing outside.
After a cold winter and Spring it is great to get fresh air.
For McKenna being outside is kind of new. She wasn't walking last fall so it was a new adventure to be walking around outside.
Love these kids!
It is so nice to now have a park close by our house.
The kids love it!
McKenna loves trying all the new things.
Gave the kids a little gift for Earth day!
The Solar System to hang in their rooms!
Tag chart of Solar System. Brooklynn loves learning new things!
And a new book about our Earth.
April 7th we celebrate the day that Brooklynn was able to be sealed to us after her adoption was finalized 5 years ago.
Awe! My boys!
Little Model Brooklynn.
The best blessings ever!
After we walk around the temple we always go eat at The Lion House. It is the best tradition ever.
My little girlies. McKenna doesn't stay still long enough to pose for a picture.
We walked around the Visitors Center.
We had a great time as we usually do and it is so neat to celebrate that not only Brooklynn was able to be sealed to us, but the other two kids are also sealed to us. We are a family that will be together forever. Love my family so much!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Boston (Part 6)

Where everybody knows your name...
After the cemetary Susan and I went to eat at Cheers. We knew it wasn't some 5 star restaurant, but we wanted to go there just to say we did!
There is the old familiar entrance we know and love!
Too bad we didn't see Sam, Cliff and Frasier though.
Had to get a picture in front.
I just got a turkey sandwich and fries, but it was good.
Afterwards we took a walk through the park. We got to know the park well... we were so turned around, but we did end up finding our hotel.
There were squirrles everywhere, they were so cute.
This tree had a lot of character. It was kind of neat.

…l Ø v e…
/ \

Love these darling little ducklings. They change the outfits on them depending on holidays.
These two reminded me of my Cam. It really made me miss him so much.
These ducklings are dedicated to Mother Goose. She was buried in the cemetary that we went to. Although she did not have a headstone. I did get a picture of her Ex husbands 2nd wife's grave though.
It was a fun adventure walking around Boston with Susan. We also went shopping at H&M and got some cute new clothes!