Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Earth Day and Sealing Anniversary

Happy Earth Day!
Cameron loves playing outside.
After a cold winter and Spring it is great to get fresh air.
For McKenna being outside is kind of new. She wasn't walking last fall so it was a new adventure to be walking around outside.
Love these kids!
It is so nice to now have a park close by our house.
The kids love it!
McKenna loves trying all the new things.
Gave the kids a little gift for Earth day!
The Solar System to hang in their rooms!
Tag chart of Solar System. Brooklynn loves learning new things!
And a new book about our Earth.
April 7th we celebrate the day that Brooklynn was able to be sealed to us after her adoption was finalized 5 years ago.
Awe! My boys!
Little Model Brooklynn.
The best blessings ever!
After we walk around the temple we always go eat at The Lion House. It is the best tradition ever.
My little girlies. McKenna doesn't stay still long enough to pose for a picture.
We walked around the Visitors Center.
We had a great time as we usually do and it is so neat to celebrate that not only Brooklynn was able to be sealed to us, but the other two kids are also sealed to us. We are a family that will be together forever. Love my family so much!

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