Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last weekend

So I totally forgot to add this to my catch up post. On Friday we went to visit my friend Lynda and give her a birthday gift. She is so cute and we have known each other for like 10 years. Well she always offers us to come and see a movie so we decided to see Monsters Vs. Aliens. Brooklynn wanted to bring a friend and she invited her cousin Abbie. So we ended up getting 6 tickets and went with Eric, Danielle, Katie, Abbie-Tyler-Chase. (Brooklynn says their names as if they are one person.)
Well it was a cute show and Brooklynn acctually sat through the whole thing until the very end. I was surprised. Cameron on the other hand did not want to sleep. I planned it perfectly, fed him right before we left, it was his nap time. I even brought in his stroller so it was easier for him to sleep and I could just roll him around. Well he did not like my plan and woke up about 1 minute after we got there. But I can't complain, despite him waking up he is such a good baby and acctually watched the movie. He only cried at one part that the movie got really loud suddenly and it scared him and he started crying. Brooklynn liked Susan AKA Gigantor and her favorite is bob but for some odd reason she called him Goulosh. (But he looks nothing like the goulosh I make for dinner.)
Saturday Ryan had to work and I told my mom I was going to come over and help her start cleaning. There are a lot of people that live there and little space. Well anyone that knows me, knows that I am an organizational FREAK! I love to organize and make lists and all that nerdy stuff. Yep, lists like grocery lists, cleaning lists, to do lists, goal lists, things I want to buy lists and it goes on. Lately I have even gotten better at organizing and stole an awesome idea from my friend Staci. I bought 3 door hanging shoe racks. One in my kitchen and the pockets go long ways to put tin foil, seran wrap, sandwich bags etc. One in my closet for the real purpose shoes. Last one is in my living room closet and put all sorts of things like hats, gloves, diapers, crayons etc. Our first stop was the toys and movies. My mom has a lot of toys some from when we were young and some she bought for the grandkids to play with. Everything was just thrown in and mixed up. Plus there were a lot of blankets. So here is the before... Below is only some of the toys.

Here is what Cameron and Zachary did while we cleaned. Until Cameron pinched him and he started crying so we had to separate these two. They are only 3 months apart, they are so cute. Who knows where and what Brooklynn and Caleb were doing. I don't think we want to know. They like to get into trouble. Acctually they spent most of their time with Great Grandpa and Grandma Budd.
And here are the after pictures. It looks so nice and organized. I hope that it stays that way, then the kids will acctually play with the toys. I love it!
Also my mom and dad always bought movies when we were young, infact my mom still buys a lot of DVD's. The problem is that she keeps all her VHS tapes. I made her get rid of almost all of them. I wish we would have counted but there were well over 100 movies. So if you like VHS Disney movies the DI by State Street and 45th soon will have a lot. Well that was our venture last weekend. If you ever need help organizing let me know and I will get you a business card. J/K I am such a nerd!

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LindsayK said...

Awesome, good job organizing! I use one of those hanging shoe organizers in my laundry room. Its great for all those hats, mittes, sunscreen, etc.