Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference and our new puppy

Saturday and Sunday we got to watch General Conference. What a blessing it is to sit down and acctually hear from a living prophet and apostles. I remember when I was younger and we would watch it and I didn't completely understand the importance at a young age. We were all just excited to play Conference Bingo and hopefully win a prize. (That's how they got us to sit there quietly with out fighting or falling asleep. We had to pay attention to listen to the words so we could win.) Anyways, I remember thinking 'I am not going to be very good when I get older, it's too boring and I probably won't watch it.' But when you realize what it is that is being said and the importance there is no question in my mind that we watch it. There were so many wonderful talks it's hard to mention a favorite. I know one thing that stood out, I can't even remember who gave this talk but it was about temples and how some people live so far from temples but make an effort to go often. Then those that live only miles away and do not. It was a great reminder of what true blessings we have and I do need to make it a habit to go often. Well Brooklynn is a very spiritual smart little girl she loves learning about church and when conference came on, I told her look the prophet is talking. She looked up and said, "Oh, it's the new one, Hinkley died huh?" I was surprised that she actually remembered. She doesn't remember their first names, she just calls them Hinkley and Monson, it is so cute. I was amazed how well she did Saturday during conference she actually sat and almost the whole time and did puzzles and colored. Two days in a row was a little harder and only lasted about 2 hours. This is her coloring her church pictures and she asked me about every picture she colored and then went and told her daddy. Today my mom was here and asked her about them and she remembered almost all of them except a few. I was so happy that she was such a good girl so we could listen.
Here is a picture of our new little puppy, Cameron has this bear and it is always in his mouth. This is the best picture I could get, if he makes eye contact with us he just starts smiling and drops it. What a cute little baby he is with a sweet cute personality.

I am so thankful that we are so blessed and I am lucky to have wonderful families, both sides. I have the best, hard working, sweet and patient husband. Together we have wonderful sweet kids. Even though at times it can be hard... (Oldroyd's who saw Brooklynn's major tantrum Sunday night, it happens about once a week. Even at stores when I have Cameron in his carseat and trying to carry Brooklynn out.) But no matter what I love them and will do anything for them. I am so very blessed.

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The Kittermans said...

That is so funny, At least you got a dog that doesn't shed!