Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playing Catchup!

Well I haven't posted in awhile, since my coupon discovery. Which, infact is one of the reasons I haven't had time to post as much. I am getting obsessive. Okay I won't say that but it is so much fun and very addicting. This morning I went to Albertsons to get groceries and I needed quite a bit. Just a fraction of what i got... 2 Dreyers icecream, 10 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk, 10 gatorade, cookies, crackers, 4 12 packs of Mt. Dew, 2 mustards and a bunch more. With all the deals I found I spent under $100 and my coupons I saved $72.48. Plus they gave me two printed coupons totaling $6. The best deal was Post cereal for only 27 cents with two coupons and 67 cents with one(I did my math wrong before). Almost all the coupons are from the Smart Source ads in the Sunday newspaper. AWESOME! Well here is what else we have been up to...

For Muffin Tin Monday, Brooklynn had a muffin tin breakfast. She had toast, Fruit loops cereal, yogurt, milk and cookie crisp cereal as her treat. I have had a lot of comments on the muffin tin monday, I want to give credit to my friend Heidi. She is so creative and does the cutest things, she always finds great websites with such amazing crafts and activities. Thanks Heidi for always letting me copy you. So feel free to use these ideas as well. Brooklynn really loves it.
Well we have just been hanging out at home a lot. Poor Brooklynn gets really bored sometimes and her growing mind wants to keep busy. Last week Brooklynn helped me make Chicken Rollups and she did a great job. After she rolled them. She smashed them, it was funny. Another day we used leftover scrapbook paper, stamps and a paper towel roll and she made a cute butterfly.
Cameron started eating cereal with veggies. YUM! He does a pretty good job except that I have to keep the spoon in his mouth or else his tongue just pushes it out. Cameron really likes to eat. (As if you couldn't tell.)
Cameron is a mover, Last month he was scooting everywhere on his back it was so funny. He would get all over the living room on his back. One of these days I will put a video of him on here. He thinks it is so funny, especially when I am changing his diaper. But now he gets up on his knees and crawls backwards. This morning I put him on his blanket and I was in the other room. He started crying and he was all across the room and stuck between the recliner chair and the diaper basket. He crawled backwards and it's not even a straight shot so I guess when he ran into the couch he turned and ended up getting stuck. It was really funny. I almost took a picture but I thought that might have been too mean. Cameron still won't sit, he just puts his legs straight out and likes to stand. Silly boy!


Greg and Heather said...

I can't believe that he's that big! Wasn't he JUST born?

Ashley said...

He sure is mobile! What a cute kid.