Friday, March 6, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday We had Muffin Tin Monday and read two books about the alphabet. Brooklynn ate alphabet soup, abc crackers, grapes (nothing to do with letters), Capri Sun (it has letters on the drink), and conversation hearts. Unfortunately this was about the only bite that Brooklynn took of her lunch. She had a fever that day and we were waiting for her doctor apt. We couldn't get in until 4pm. That day Brooklynn's temperature bounced from 102 to 104.7 to 103. And stayed above 101 for 5 days now. Poor girl. Through out the week all 4 of us have been sick but Brooklynn is still the worst and are hoping she can get better soon. Her doctor told me to call him and talk to him if she is still sick by today. So we will see what he decides to do. It was still a fun Muffin Tin lunch, too bad she couldn't enjoy it. We'll have to do something extra fun when she is all better.


Lisa D said...

You just aren't having much luck with all this sickness crap going around.

Jeff and Nanci said...

Poor little kids! I hope everyone is starting to get better. keep me updated. Let me know if I can help.