Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Today for St. Patricks Day Brooklynn had a green Muffin Tin Lunch with our friends Ellie, Peanut and Heidi. (Ellie's mom Heidi was the one who I copied the idea from.) They were so excited, Brooklynn has been asking me for two days about it. "Mom, is it time for Green lunch with Ellie?" She was so excited today when she acctually got the answer she had been waiting for.

For lunch they had green tuna sandwiches, (I know they look nasty but we still ate them we were hungry.) green Pear-apple sauce, dried kiwi, String cheese (golden coins), cookie with green sprinkles, green mint chocolate chips and milk with a green straw. Meanwhile the two babies (who about 3 weeks apart) had fun playing on the floor together. We even caught them holding hands but when we grabbed the cameras they were done. Peanut is so cute he loves to blow bubbles, a trick Cameron has not yet mastered. Afterwards the girls painted black pots. I love how different they were while painting. Brooklynn did not want to get dirty and Ellie thought it made it more fun. I love the picture of Ellie with her black hands. After they went on a treasure hunt for the gold left by the leprachaun. (It was so nice outside we loved it.) They found it pretty fast and got to put it in their pots of gold under the rainbow. It sure was a fun day for the girls. Can't wait to have more fun days with friends.


Lindsay said...

You guys are so creative! What a fun idea. Boring me, we didn't do anything special yesterday. I put the boys in green, at least. -Lindsay K

Rob,Jen, and little man Tytan said...

Hey Danielle,
I finally got a blog!!!! I am going to add you! We are coming to visit this summer and I would love for you to take some Family pictures! You are awesome at it!

Greg and Heather said...

how fun!