Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Jacob Budd

Well my poor little brother Jacob had surgery yesterday. About a year into his mission (about two years ago) Jacob found out he had a cyst (can't remember what kind). It was in a bad place(by his bottom)and was infected. They had to do surgery in Uruguay, it was horrible and they cut him like 10 inches. Well like some months later it wasn't healing properly and did one more surgery. By then they just knew that he needed more care when he got home. About a week after he got home from his mission, he did surgery for a 3rd time. After recovery he stayed at my house and I took care of him the best I could. Ryan was his personal nurse and with out too many details cleaned and packed the wound. He seemed to recover pretty fast, but as time would tell he kept going back to the doctor to get it looked at.

So he had to get his 4th surgery done yesterday to hopefully fix this for good. Brooklynn remembers when Jake stayed with us before after his surgery and when I told her Jake was in the hospital she said, "Oh, does his bum hurt again?" The surgery took about 5 hours and it was horrible. Afterwards the doctor came to talk to Jake and my mom and told him it felt like he was fixing a shark bite or something. There was so much infection and had to cut him from his bottom up to the middle of his back. The wound is almost 12 inches long. OUCH! So Jacob was recovering and just waiting for them to bring the Wound Vac to him to take home. He kept waiting and waiting and finally they came and talked to him. They told him that the Financial Aid was denied and the company won't bring the machine. Since that is the key to his recovery he would have to stay in the hospital. But his wonderful doctor would have none of this and talked to the administrative of the hospital. They came back and told him that they would cover all of the costs. The surgery alone is at least $3,000 plus paying the anastesiologist and doctor, The wound vac is $100 a day, which for the amount of time he needs it would cost $9,000. Plus 3 times a week a nurse comes in and cleans out the wound. That is amazing, we are so thankful that the wonderful doctor and administrative at LDS hospital are doing this for him. His care is so important, otherwise he could literally lose limbs. I talked to Jake this morning and he is doing great. I am very glad he is staying down for a whole week (he better) to get the best recovery he can. We are all very happy that he will hopefully be done with this for good. In Jake's words, "I have a new bum."
We love you Jacob!


Jake said...

That is almost correct but just so you know the cut goes just to the bottom of my back. i am not to sure how long it is but they said it is around 12 inches

Ashley said...

Poor Jake. Hopefully it heals for good this time.

Erin Stones said...

Poor guy! Our prayers are with him!