Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have been to the zoo two times in the last couple weeks. First we went with our friend Liz and her kids Sarah and Steven, also my sister-in-law Danielle came and her kids Abbie, Tyler, Chase and her neice Persaya.(sp) We had a lot of fun. It was really cute to see the kids play and Sarah and Brooklynn get to know each other better. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I didn't get pictures. But it was still a fun time.

Then last week I went again,I met my sister-in-law Nanci up at the zoo. She took Brooklynn and Gracie around to see the animals, while I took Cameron to a doctor at Primary's. Then after the apt. I met them back at the zoo, we had lunch, saw a few more animals, went on the carosel, train and the kids played on the playground. It was a fun time and I appreciate Nanci for helping me out and coming with us. I love the zoo. I am sad that my pass ends in a few weeks and I don't know if we are getting a new one. It has been great having a pass for the last two years though.


The Bliss Family said...

I love my zoo pass! We haven't been since it started to get warm. Your post makes me want to go!

Liz said...

I look forward to our girls (and us) getting together again soon. The zoo is so great. The kids learn, have fun, and we get a little exercise walking up and down hills.