Friday, January 30, 2009

My Many Colored Days

For Muffin Tin Monday we read My many colored days by Dr. Suess. I love this book.It also kinda went along with our home evening that we talked about that night. It was a story from the Friend magazine. It talked about a girl who got hurt and couldn't perform at her gymnastics tournament, and how a lot of people have good and bad days (and trials). One day we might feel pink or yellow and another day maybe brown or black. But we can always make the most of what comes our way. I know that I have times when I get down and have to remember to be happy and positive. (Sorry it is so mushy, but it really is a great book with a lot of meaning behind it.)
Brooklynn had Brown bread for her sandwich, Brown crackers, orange carrots, green celery, red strawberries,blue blueberries, pink juice, white ranch dressing and yellow popcorn. (Do you think she is sick of me always taking her picture?)
The next day we decided to color these window things that her aunt Terra gave her for her birthday.
Brooklynn loves to paint and consentrates so hard.


Jen said...

I love reading about your muffin tin mondays- they are always so fun! :)

The Hillmans said...

So cute! What a fun day!

Lindsay said...

I love how she is sticking her little tongue out as she paints! So cute! -Lindsay Kemeny