Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tinkerbell Tea Party

Even though Brooklynn's birthday was a month ago. I promised her a birthday party with a few friends.(and cousins) But it is just too hard to do it around Christmas and New Years. So on Friday she had a Tinkerbell Tea Party. All the little girls dressed up and got a little juice with a princess on it and a Princess figurine and ate cupcakes. Now what little girl doesn't like dressing up? They had a blast.

Brooklynn got lots of fun stuff from her cousins and friends.
I think they all had fun playing with their new princesses in Brooklynn's doll house.
Lately Brooklynn LOVES Hannah Tannah (Hannah Montana) just like her older cousin Abbie. Abbie gave her a cd with the Hannah Montana songs.
Here are all the girls (minus Ellie, who was a little shy). It sure was a fun little dress up party.


johnandcourtney said...

How fun! Bella is so into dressing up right now. It looks like it was a wonderful party.

meg said...

That's so fun! Little girls are so cute with all their princess and dress up stuff. I love it. What a cute idea.

Jamie said...

Fun idea!! I love how little girls love to dress up:)

Kacy said...

You are such a good Mom. I don't know how you find time to do these fun things all the time.

Lindsay said...

What a cute idea! They all look so adorable!