Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Home Evening

Well family home evening was always hard with a little baby and then she grew to a toddler and was even harder. She would not hold still longer than two seconds. Well now she is a big girl and a sunbeam and loves talking about church, temples and Jesus.
On Monday I let Brooklynn choose the lesson and she chose the story from her Friend magazine (the one with the grandma is what she wanted). It was called The Talent Show.

We read the story and shared our talents that we have.

Brooklynn shared with us her love of art and painting.

Ryan loves running and is good at it. He plans to do 4 marathons in 2009.

I shared my love for photography. Especially of my little kiddies.

We decided that Cameron is really good at jumping in his excersaucer.

Afterwards we played Snorta. Such a fun game. It will take a few times for Brooklynn to get the hang of it. But she loved doing all the animal sounds and then she would crack up laughing. (Except she did the sounds before she put her cards down, so we knew what her cards were.)


Jeff and Nanci said...

What a cute idea for family home evening. We try so hard to get family home evening in on sundays before the kids go back to Holli's, but it usually doesn't happen. We try though and when we do the kids enjoy it.

Bethany said...

Great idea. We struggle with FHE for sure. I may steal....

Amy said...

Cute outfit that Cameron is in...Owen has the same one! I love to read all he is doing so I can compare Owen! And yeah for when your toddlers love FHE!

The Parks said...

FOUR marathons! As I am sipping my Dr. Pepper and eating potstickers, I think he is crazy!!

meg said...

Wow! I can't belive she is already a sunbeam. That's crazy! What a fun FHE! Glad to see you are all doing so well!