Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ode' to my mom

Today is my mom's birthday Wahoo! Another year older and wiser. So when I was 18 my mom got 18 of my good friends to write me a message and then she sent it to me on 18 roses. It was so sweet and thoughtful. I knew one day I wanted to repay her. (Who knew it would be almost 10 years later.) Well then I saw an episode on Oprah and had to do it.

So we made my mom a "Box of Love" I contacted my mom's friends, family and coworkers to send a message to my mom. Everyone from "The Gang" (my mom's best friends from highschool and after highschool) to our old friends when we lived in Kearns 15 years ago, a girl that my mom babysat as a baby to age 7 (who is now 21), good friends in her current ward, friends at her old and new job, family who all love her so much to us 4 kids, 2 spouses and 3 grandkids.

I knew that my mom was loved but I was amazed at the response and the people that wanted to tell my mom how much she is loved. We had over 50 letters. At first my mom was surprised and kept saying how did you talk to these people and where did you see them. It was so fun.

Before she opened it she was a little nervous, but once she got over all the questions she was very touched and appreciative.

Although we let my mom read all of the letters by herself. My mom did have Terra (my mom didn't want to cry) read Josh, Johanna, Caleb,Mine, Ryan's, Brooklynn and Cameron's, Terra and Jake's letters.

I am so glad that my mom knows that there are more than 50 people that love her so much. She can always have a friend or someone to talk to.

This is a picture of my mom and cousin Tina. Jacob bought my mom a cell phone and is paying for it for her birthday. She is so cool, it will be nice to be able to acctually get a hold of her.

So I just wanted to say a few things about my mom. She is very funny, sweet, friendly and fun to be with. Her laugh is contagious. She is very thoughtful and sensitive. My mom celebrates everything and I always had fun growing up. Every holiday was a special day and she taught us to live it up! As a mom I try to follow her footsteps. Her greatest attribute is her role as a mother. She has always been a great mom. My mom has been a great example, friend, disciplinary (when needed), and always trusted us. I haven't kept things from her because I knew she would never judge me. She has always called us her jewels in her crown. I explained to her in her letter that yes, we might be her jewels but she is the one that has protected and polished us until we shined. But jewels are nothing with out a crown. I love my mom so much. Through all her trials and tribulations she never wavered. She continued her responsiblities and roll as a mother and raised us (pretty much) on her own. I know that she has and will be blessed for her faithfulness. Love you mom!

This is a song by Taylor Swift called The Best Day. When I heard it, it reminded me of my mom. Because really with her she made every day special and the best.

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Jeff and Nanci said...

Dani, I've never really gotten to know your mom, but from just the small amount of time I've spent with her I can tell she is a great person. She seems very loving and kind to everyone. I think it is wonderful that you were able to do that for her birthday.