Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cameron's Blessing

This past Saturday we had Cameron's blessing. Due to family members that are in bishopric's we couldn't find a Sunday that worked. So we did it on Saturday at Ryan's dad's wardhouse. Ryan did a great job, it was a very sweet and special blessing.
Look at the little stud in his white blessing outfit.

Grandma Ann holding the dude.
We had some friends come from our old ward and new ward.
My sister Terra and my grandma Budd.
My two brothers Jacob and Josh.
My mom and my neices Katie and Alex
Nanci and Gracie.
My nephew Connor
We had a lot of food. And I was worried we wouldn't have enough... We had a ton left over. Sandwiches for a week... YUM!
Big Sis Brooklynn and her new food invention. Jello on Doritos. YUMMY!
My sister-in-law Johana and her little boy Caleb. She is expecting another boy and he will be here in about 2 weeks. (P.S. Happy Birthday today Johana)
My sister-in-law Danielle holding Cameron.
Our little family after the blessing. Thanks Katie for taking the picture. (I forgot to get one at the blessing.)

Thanks to all those who came and helped with the food and clean up. Also many people had other things they were doing that day but still were able to come and support us. Grandma and Grandpa Record had a VERY long day, Jacob who had to quickly leave to an institute party that he planned, Ann had other plans too. Thanks to mom and dad Oldroyd who let us use the church building and did set up and clean up. (Not to mention let us come over after for a Wii party. It was wonderful and I am so glad to share this with our family and friends.


Hart Home said...

Hey I didn't even know you had him. He's adorable! Congrats!!

Bethany said...

Wow, looks like a great party! Congrats! I love the doritos recipe by the way, sounds like something my kids would like! I am happy for you guys and think you are a beautiful family.

Shannon said...

Happy Blessing Day Cameron! Cute family. Dani you are such a good mom.

Jeff and Nanci said...

Dani the blessing turned out well. I think the food was great and tons of people came. Ryan did a great job with the blessing. Cameron is truely a blessing and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.