Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oldroyd Family Service Project

This year the Oldroyd family decided to put together a service project. Jeff and Nanci work at the NICU at IMC and Ryan works at the PICU at Primary children's hospital. We decided to get stuff for both places. For the NICU we collected fleece and money for blankets for the little baby's bed's. We than decided that whatever was leftover to buy toys and mobiles for the PICU. We were amazed at the generousity of family and friends. We got enough fleece donated so all the money we had was for toys and mobiles. But we got enough money to buy 4 baby mobiles for the PICU, a few rattles, two Winnie the Pooh Electronic books, at least 10 movies and a few more toys. We also got a baby swing for the NICU and a baby mobile. We also donated a few used toys and movies that the kids got together and Ryan gave up a couple XBox games.

Danielle cutting fabric for the NICU.

Us girls wearing the leftover fabric as scarves.

The swing for the NICU.

Showing all the kids what we got for the sick kids at both hospitals.

Gracie loved all the fun toys!

Packing up the stuff to take to the hospitals.

This was a really neat service project to do as a family. Hopefully we can continue to teach the kids about service. Thanks to all you that helped and donated. We really appreciate it. Thank you J and Tiff, Dan and Miranda, Jon and Jamie, Mark and Ceci, Court and Meg,my Dad, Lynda,Jason and Staci Nay and my Mom. We love you all and I know the hospitals and kids appreciate it.


Jamie said...

This will be a wonderful tradition to continue. That's awesome!! Thanks for inviting us to be a small part of it! :)

the nayz said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. I was wondering how that went for you. You know where to find more fabric if you need it.

Jeff and Nanci said...

I love our scarf picture. We are all so adorable. I had fun doing our project for Christmas and we had so many people donate. We should do something like this next year.