Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kid's update...

I am still playing catch up a little so here is the latest on Brooklynn and Cameron.
Today Brooklynn had her 3 year well check and Cameron had his 2 month well check. They both are doing great! Let's start with Brooklynn.

Brooklynn is 36 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds now. For her height she is in the 25% and weight 50%. She loved her the new Doc. Dr. "Toby". She wouldn't stop talking to him. The first thing she said is "I wear panties and go on the potty!" It was really funny.
Well it is true... A year ago Brooklynn was pretty much potty trained (except at night and at stores, the potties were "too dirty" luckily we worked through that.) Anyways... she was doing so good for only barely being 2, but then I went back to work (that really was hard for babysitters to keep up on). Also she got really sick and it was not fun for me to clean and she felt yucky when she didn't make it. So she stopped going potty. But 2 weeks ago today I didn't want to buy anymore diapers. I put her in panties to bed, and there has been 0 accidents in 14 whole days. Wahoo! I am so proud of her.

Another milestone... NO MORE BINKIES! (Thanks Courtney for the great idea) Last week Brooklynn decided she was done with the binky and just threw them all away. We were like "alright that was easy." But a couple hours later she was not having it. So we decided to use Courtney's idea and she could trade them for a prize. First I cut off all the nipples, so she knew they were broken. We then took them to the store. She was very excited and it was quite the decision. But she decided on a Snow White dress. She gave the cashier all her binkies and he threw them in the garbage. And it has been almost a week with out binkies. She still has her bunny but that is ok. What a big girl Brooklynn has become. She is a great daughter and big sister.

Cameron is becoming a little chunk. At the doctors he now weighs 12.4 pounds in the 60%. He is 23.9 inches long 80% and his cute round head is only 5%. He had to get his shots today and he did not like it. I am becoming a lot stronger. Since Brooklynn was a baby this is the first time that I haven't cried when either one of them got a shot. I am so proud of myself. Poor little Cameron was very upset.
We came home and he had his tylenol and the smiley picture was only an hour after the shots. He sure is my cute happy boy with a goofy little smile. What a sweetie he is. Saturday we had our Ward Christmas breakfast and Cameron sat on Santa's lap and wouldn't stop staring at him. We'll see next year though. (Brooklynn admired from afar, she wanted the girl Santa.) I am so lucky to have a handsome boy and beautiful girl. I love my little kids and am so proud. They are growing so fast.

P.S. Cameron is not doing as well from his shots. Poor little guy really hurts. Luckily the tylenol helps for awhile. But at least I can stay home with him all night and tomorrow and just snuggle him.


Liz said...

You have really cute kids! Cameron was such a sweet and content little boy at bunco. Thanks for bringing him.

Congrats of potty training and binky removal. I love binky's, but they are a hard habit to break. :-)

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Your kids are too cute! Cameron was awesome at the sleepover. I love the idea of how you got her to throw her binky's out.

Mike, Chelsey & Tate said...

I read your blog to get all the good Mom tips! keep em coming so i know what to do... and I love that picture of Cameron Smiling! SOOOOOO adorable.

johnandcourtney said...

I am glad it worked for you. It is so nice when they grow out of those "baby" things.

Alisha said...

Yup-- we'll be there on the 2nd! Just tell us what time & where to go!! (We're coming back from the cabin just for the Oldroyd party-- we can't wait to see everyone!)