Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Big Helper

My friend Natalie had these milk caps she had saved and her little boy loved playing with them. I started saving them as well as my mom and Jeralyn who all gets different colored caps. I didn't know what to use them for until... We have struggled with discipline and rewards with Brooklynn. We have tried stickers, time out, sending her to her room, earning money... the list goes on. Nothing really worked. So I saw this on Jen's blog who said she got it from Supernanny. (I love that show). So Brooklynn gets to earn tokens.
Brooklynn got to paint her token box all by herself. It turned out really cute!
Brooklynn painting her token box. She is our little artist who loves to paint.
Berkie and Daddy counting her tokens. She loves earning tokens from anything like throwing away diapers, cleaning her room, being nice, taking a nap and sleeping in her bed (which has been a struggle).
Once she earned 50 tokens (which doesn't take long) she gets a prize! She was so excited to get her pez that she worked so hard for.

Brooklynn also helps us by playing with her brother and making him happy.Cameron was watching Brooklynn and smiling and giggling. He thought she was really funny.
What a good big sister Brooklynn is. He likes it when she sings to him.
Cameron REALLY wants to suck his thumb but he hides it under his fingers. What a silly little boy! We sure love him.


Alisha said...

That is such a good idea! I'll have to remember that. I love that Cameron is entertained by his big sister. SO CUTE!

the nayz said...

What a great idea. I think that this is something that Alex could really get into. I am off to save the milk caps!!

Jen said...

It's amazing the little things that they get so excited about-and it makes a huge difference! The first time we did it, she filled up her bucket really quickly...but now we do it a little bit slower...but Malia is always asking for 'fuzzies' for her bucket and we can always threaten her with 'you aren't going to get fuzzies if you don't listen' kind of works pretty good most of the time! I'm glad Brooklyn likes it too. I think the best part is just decorating the little buckets!