Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan

I have to catch up on a few posts. I will start with Ryan's birthday. I love him so much, he is the best husband, daddy and friend. He is always there for me and helps out so much. It is amazing to me that someone can love me as much as he does. I sometimes wonder why, especially when I am grouchy:) What a wonderful guy I have. Ryan is sweet, funny, goofy and lovable. I am so proud of Ryan and all his accomplishments and dedication. He loves to bike and run and of course play his XBox. I am proud of Ryan and his career, everytime I meet someone that has or does work with him they tell me what a great nurse he is. I know he cares about his patients very much and I know he does a great job. Ryan and I have been through so much the last 8 years and through the good and bad. Ryan has a strong testimony and even though sometimes things seem impossible he never gives up. He is my rock. I know how much he loves his family and always wants to do what he can for his brothers, sister and parents. He also looks up to all of them so much. I am proud that he also is very kind and loving to my family (even though he teases Terra all the time, It's just because he loves you Ter) I love that he is so sweet to my mom and always wants what is best for her too. Brooklynn loves her daddy so much. She is so sad when he has to go to work. When he goes to go out the door she runs and says, "Kisses and hug, kisses and hugs!" Then she runs to the window and always has to wave to him. I also can't wait to see Cameron get older and watch their relationship grow. I am so lucky to have such a great guy!

For his birthday he really wanted to go on a nice bike ride and then we were going to get dinner and see lights at temple square.

I asked Brooklynn what she wanted to get her daddy for his birthday and she remembered that she got me a goofy and told me she wanted Donald Duck. So that is what she picked out. He of course loved it and gave it to her to play with.

I printed this book from Snapfish for Ryan and just had pictures from our wedding, marriage, Brooklynn and Cameron. He said he really liked it.

I thought the book turned out pretty nice.

We then went to temple square last night to see the lights. Ryan liked it AFTER we found parking. Eric and DAnielle and their family came also (with Bailey) and I think Jeff and Nanci did come but we were already gone.

We saw the nativity it was really cool looking.

Every year I love seeing the different nativities that they do around temple square.

This picture turned out ok. But every year I say "I have to bring a tripod" and every year I forget. Maybe next year.

This was very pretty on the reflecting pool. You can't see it but there was little balls floating that were lit up.

Ryan and Berkie looking at the reflecting pool.

Me and Berkie. We left Cameron with Grandma Oldroyd, so he wasn't out this long in the cold. Thanks Susan.
After wards we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. YUM! Well I really hope that Ryan had a good birthday! I love you Ryan!


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happy birthday Ryan!