Friday, December 5, 2008

Much better day

We had a much better day yesterday. We planned to go out and do stuff while Ryan was sleeping but I looked out and saw it was snowing really bad. I didn't want to take them out in that, so we stayed home. I was nervous, cause Brooklynn doesn't always take naps, so what were we going to do all day? Well to my surprise we found quiet things to do and Brooklynn even took a nap. We decided to take some pictures and had fun. I love this picture but for some reason the auto focus didn't work so it is blurry. But still pretty cute of us.

Brooklynn wanted to pretend to take some pictures too. This time the real camera was far from her.

Here's my cute little man. He was very curious of what we were doing.

I love Brooklynn's beautiful eyes. I am still so amazed that her eyes are two different colors.

Another one of Cameron. He was such a good boy yesterday too.

Then after dinner we decided to make brownies. (Well I decided to, Brooklynn's Halloween candy is gone and I was craving some chocolate.)

Brooklynn had a lot of fun helping. She is a good helper.

So when we were done I told her she could lick the bowl. I forgot that she would take it literally and she acctually licked the bowl. She got frosting in her hair. OOPS!

I showed her the right way. So the night went with out incident until.... Ryan was getting the pan out of the oven and put it on the stove. I was in the other room and this is what I heard... Ryan: "Don't touch it, it's very hot." Brooklynn: "OWEEEEEEEEEEE........" Yep she got a yucky burn. It is pretty big too but at least it doesn't hurt this morning any more.

After all that Brooklynn didn't even want a brownie she wanted Graham Crackers with frosting. (Brings back memories going to my Graham Craker's house (G-ma Budd) and she always made this for us. (hence where she got the nick name.

We had a wonderful day and night together!


Bethany said...

I am glad your day was better! Those empty days at home usually fill me with dread! You made the most of it it seems, nice job!

Nat said...

Glad you had a better day! Today we had some high and low moments at our house! Oh well. It's nice to know you can start over tomorrow.

P.S. I miss our Cafe Rio chats.

Jenny said...

Looks like you had fun making brownies together!! Yum! Your little ones are so cute!!! Love ya! Merry Christmas soon too!!! Love, Jenny

Amy said...

what a fun mommy you are!

meg said...

Don't you just love these kind of days. The totally make up for the somewhat rough ones! I love that pic of you three. It's beautiful!