Saturday, December 27, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday (on Wednesday)

For Muffin Tin Wednesday we read one of my favorite books EVER! (Here is a background on the book)

Ryan and I tried to have a baby for 3 1/2 years with no luck we couldn't wait to be parents and after lots of fasting and prayers we felt very strongly we were suppose to adopt. The adoption process took about 6 months for all the interviews, home study and letters. Just 4 days before Thanksgiving, we got the phone call that we were approved for adoption. Of course they let us know it could take years, so we were planning at least one year. Only one week later we heard that someone heard about us through a friend and was very interested in us. So after playing call tag for 2 weeks I finally talked to the birth mom. With in just minutes on the phone she let me know that she wanted Ryan and I to be the parents. So secretly with the birth mom we planned when we would go down and she would be enduced. The only people that knew was Ryan's parents and my mom. We couldn't wait to tell everyone for Christmas. So.... my sister Terra knew that I love books and also Great Children's books. For one of our gifts she gave me this book called You Are My Miracle. It is everything that our little Brooklynn is. So I read it to her for Muffin Tin Monday... (Most of the pictures are things from this year except probably 3)


I am your parent; you are my child.
I am your quiet place; you are my wild.

I am your hot cocoa; you are my marshmellow.
I am your nutcracker; you are my cookie dough.

I am your gingerbread; you are my fronsting goo.
I am your paper; you are my glitter and glue.

I am your wrapping; you are my surprise.
I am your don't peek; you are my wide eyes.

I am your bundle up; you are my dash outside.
I am your uphill pull; you are my fast sleigh ride

I am your fortress; you are my snowball fight.
I am your decorate; you are my tangled lights.

(Only picture she has let us take of her with Santa in 2 years)I am your helper; you are my do-it-myself.
I am your Santa Claus; you are my Christmas elf.

I am your glass ball; you are my popcorn strings.
I am your pageant; you are my angel's wings.

I am your steady hands; you are my rising star.
I am your stocking; you are my chocolate bar.

I am your caroling; you are my jingle bell.
I am your favorite song; you are my first noel.

I am your old stories; you are my make-believe.
I am your go to sleep; you are my Christmas Eve.

I am your hush now; you are my lyrical.
I am your peace on Earth; you are my miracle.

What a perfect book to read for this season, with my perfect little girl.


johnandcourtney said...

Beautiful! I need that book. What a great post.

The Hillmans said...

What a beautiful book. You made me cry! Thanks for sharing.

Greg and Heather said...

Great book! You're a great mom.

the nayz said...

What a beautiful book and story. Thanks for the cry!