Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best kids...

Just thought I'd share some things...

Wahoo! Cameron slept all night, two nights in a row.
He has slept for 6 hours at a time but now he is sleeping 9. I hope it continues. What a good little boy!

Brooklynn says the funniest things...
I walk around the corner. (Brooklynn:) "Oh mom you freaked me out."

(about the Halloween picture of Boo) "Mom, Boo's a witch, a nice one though, just thought I'd tell you."

(when I ask her to do something) "No, I too busy."

Brooklynn: "Hi Dani" Me: "I am mom, why did you call me Dani?" Brooklynn: "Cause your Dani"

(I don't remember what I did) Brooklynn: "Oh mom, you make me crazy"

(after I told Brooklynn no more chocolate, but I snuck some in the car for me to eat.) Brooklynn: "I smell chocolate! Mom, stop eating my candy."

Me: "Berkie can you clean up your mess now?" Brooklynn: "I just too lazy now"

(Brooklynn asked me for a bowl for something) Brooklynn: "Oh, this bowl is perfect."

(Cameron's second night home he was crying in the middle of the night.) Brooklynn walked in our room: "Please tell the baby to be quiet." and she walked right back out and went to bed.

What a silly little kids! I sure love them.


Greg and Heather said...

It's a wonderful day (or night) when they start sleeping through the night! Congrats!

The Parks said...

She is so freaking cute! I can't believe she says those kind of things. She is so a teenager already! You're in trouble.