Monday, February 2, 2009

What we've been up to...

Well it's been a crazy week. On Monday night Brooklynn got a little runny nose. Then she got a cough and it got worse and worse and worse. This is the 3rd bad cough in 3 months. (Remember the Thanksgiving-throwing up incident at the movie theatre???) Well also a little background in 2008 Brooklynn got this cough/cold thingy 5 times in 6 months. Plus once in November and once in December. Her doctor left to do humanitarian work out of the country, we hadn't picked a new doctor so we would just see whoever was available. Well they would say, "It's just a cold." or "She's got a little virus" It just seemed weird that it would always cause her to throw up. It just didn't seem normal.

Friday I got invited to dinner with old friends that I use to work with at Kiddie Kandids (from 8 years ago) but I already had plans to be with my mom, sister-in-law and let Brooklynn and Caleb play. While the adults got to play with the two new babies. BUT since Brooklynn was coughing so bad I just didn't want her to go over there. So Brooklynn and I had a Pajama Party Friday night and watched movies together.

So in the night Brooklynn woke up several times and threw up as usual. We played bed tag all night. Going from her bed, to mine, back to hers. Then at 4:30 Brooklynn said "My tummy is STARVING." So this was her eating cereal at 4:30am.

I decided that we are going to the doctor Saturday morning. It is so nice that her doctors office is open on Saturdays. (Oh ya, and we did finally pick a great doctor also.) So we got in to the doctor just after lunch. When the doctor came in she was in my lap almost sleeping. He listened to her lungs and they sounded aweful. Brooklynn could hardly breathe. Well he said that basically she is having an asthma attack. (It is an unofficial diagnosis, since they don't really diagnose asthma that young. Typically kids grow out of it or it is induced by a cold.) But they are treating her for asthma or Upper Respitory Disease (WHATEVER.) They gave her a treatment in the office and 10 minutes later Brooklynn was standing up talking to the doctor and acted completely different.

So he sent me with 3 different prescriptions and we were on our way. Brooklynn has this lovely inhaler that she has to use every 4 hours or if trouble breathing then every 2. (She only coughs and can't breath when she talks, plays, runs around or gets to excited. Ya know the regular 3 year old stuff.)

That night my mom came over to help and be with us. THANK GOODNESS! Brooklynn threw up 3 times with in an hours time. And in the night she threw up again. She is doing so much better, last night we were all asleep by 8:30. (I haven't done so well on only 6 hours of sleep in 2-3 days.) I did wake up about 10 minutes later and called Ryan at work to tell him not to call cause we were sleeping. It was so nice to get more sleep last night.

Cameron on the other hand, who usually sleeps 9-10 hours woke up twice last night. He is a little stuffy and I think he is coming down with a little cough. Hopefully nothing like Brooklynn's. Other than that he is good and such a happy little boy. He started rolling from his tummy to his back a little while ago. Another big accomplishment is when he is on his belly he turns. Cameron hasn't figured out how to use his legs and arms together to crawl. But with all his crazy kicking and moving his arms around he spins in a circle. One minute I see the back of his head and the next he is looking at me trying to talk. What a big boy. I can't believe our little munchkin is almost 4 months old. CRAZY. Here is a picture I took a few days ago. The time on the clock is suppose to be 10:15 for Cameron's birthday, but with all his kicking it moved. I just love those little cheeks and his chubby rolls on his legs he is getting.

I can't wait until my little kids are feeling better. Not to mention sleeping through the night again. (The healthy part of course is most important.)


Lace said...

I am so glad you figured out what was going with your little girl. That sucks when you know that there is something more, but don't know what. I can't believe your little guy is already 4 months. Wow. You have such a cute family!

Amy said...

Oh man what craziness for you all! Will had an inhaler like that for a little while. He thought it was pretty cute! I am glad things are figured out. And I can't believe how much Cameron can do! Owen can't do any of that stuff...maybe because I hold him all the time so he won't cry! What a cute roll-y boy you have!