Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines Brooklynn and Cameron got new books and cute little outfits. Brooklynn couldn't wait to get her present. We did it the night before because Ryan had to work on Valentines.

Here are my little valentines. Such cute kiddies. Happy Valentines to all our friends and family. (P.S. We had Valentines for people, but we didn't really get a chance to give them out. Sorry everyone.) We had a nice Valentines. In the morning we went to see the Draper Temple with my mom, brother Josh, his wife Johana and two boys Caleb and Zach, My sister Terra and brother Jacob. We were very surprised to see my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Allyson and Wyatt and their four kids. It was fun to be with lots of family at the temple. Brooklynn LOVED it. She was in awe the whole time. We got to explain to her how when she was little she was sealed to us in the temple. She told me her favorite part was "Seeing Jesus' house, but I couldn't find him." What a sweet little girl she is.

After that we went to breakfast and that was fun, then back to my mom's to hang out for the day. I decided since Ryan and I didn't really get to do anything for Valentines and since we have not been alone in 3 years (except once in October and I cried cause I missed Brooklynn) So I thought I would be brave and do it again. Brooklynn stayed at my mom's house to spend the night. So when Ryan got home from work the house was quiet. It was so different but nice to have a night just together (and our little munchkin, but he just sleeps.) Sleeping in was the nicest part. I don't think I have EVER slept past 9am in probably 10 years. Thanks mom for keeping Brooklynn, and oh what a night it was for them. We sure had a nice Valentines all around.


Lace said...

That is such a cute Valentine!

Jeff and Nanci said...

I love Brooklynn and Cameron's Valentine card. It turned out way cute.