Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year Christmas flew by way too fast. We still had a great season and Brooklynn is already asking when Christmas comes again. We celebrated Christmas early with my dad and then did our normal crazy busy Christmas Eve traditions. First we started out with the Oldroyds for dinner, nativity and new jammies. This year Brooklynn and Tyler were Mary and Joseph again and about half way through Brooklynn was bored and had both her hands under her chin. After we went to Grandma Beans for a couple gifts and dessert. Brooklynn wanted to stay and play with Grandma, but Santa was coming soon. We got home just before 9 to get to bed.

Earlier in the day we made Santa some cookies. Brooklynn also insisted on leaving carrots for the reindeer and celery for the elves. (She said she saw it on t.v. that they liked celery.) The next morning Santa ate almost all his cookies except one and loved it. He left us oranges and a thank you note. On the P.S. of the note he said "the elves favorite snack is cheese and crackers, the celery was good too." Hopefully we will remember next year.

Christmas Eve my sister Terra slept over with Brooklynn and they both slept until about 7am. Brooklynn came storming in our room so excited. "Look what Santa left in my room." We have a stocking in our rooms and Santa leaves one present. We did that growing up, we couldn't come out until our parents came and got us. So they told Santa we needed one of our gifts in our room to keep us busy. Cam woke up about 7:30 and off we went to open presents. Brooklynn loved it and opened them and threw them to the side to open more. Cam was perfectly happy eating dry cereal. He did not want a present and when we tried to give him one to open he threw it far away from him. Christmas Eve I was thinking boy there are a lot of presents, why are there so many? We were trying to have a smaller Christmas. Although there were also Terra's, and our kitty Boo had a few too. After opening them I realized that we had given them a couple of Brooklynn's birthday presents. OOPS! This year Ryan and I gave the kids bikes. Brooklynn got a cute princess big girl bike and she loved it. Cam got a wiggle car to ride around on. Ryan got an awesome Cork pop gun from Santa and I got a new shirt. Terra got a book, Brooklynn got a littlest Pet Shop doctor's office and Cam got a tool set. We always love that Santa leaves $5 in each of our stocking's. We are saving it to do something as a family. After we went back to Grandma Bean's to exchange gifts and then to the Oldroyd's. We were back home about 3 and had all afternoon and night to play with our new stuff. It was a great Christmas and we love spending it with both sides of our family as well. I am so thankful for these holiday times although a little commercialized, we still get a lot of family time and talk about the true meaning.

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Meghann said...

That's too funny that Cam threw his presents. Sounds like his big sis will have his filled in on the situation by next year, though. Sounds like a nice way to spend Christmas!