Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays and more Birthdays...

December is full of Birthdays there are 4. But January is worse with both sides of the family we have 5. CRAZY. So I realized today that I never posted Brooklynn's birthday pictures. Also here are 4 of the 5 birthdays in January.

With my family we celebrated it early with Ryan's. Brooklynn got some fun stuff. She loves her guitar from Aunt Terra and Uncle Jake. I have a funny video I will post later showing her play it.

On her acctual birthday we just had a celebration with our little family of 4. She opened a few little gifts and we ate cupcakes and had icecream.

With the Oldroyd's we celebrated it with her Grandpa's birthday. She got fun stuff there too. She loves dresses and got 3 new ones with cute tights. And a panda and Miley Cyrus cd. I made brownies for her and they turned out hard and crispy. No one ate them. I brought them home and they tasted good, just a little crunchy.

Grandpa Oldroyd is getting old. He turned 60. We gave him some old man gifts. He got a hearing aide and some glasses to help him see better. And a few other fun stuff. We didn't want the house to burn down so we didn't put 60 seperate candles on.

Last Sunday we celebrated my mom's, Johana's and Zack's birthdays. Poor little Zacky got 4 items that he already. OOPS! We all got together and bought my mom and Johana a Wii. (They all live together in the Survivor Dennis house) They were excited and we set it up and started playing games that night. My mom even went and bought 3 games to go with it the next day.

They each had their own cake to blow out the candles. My mom loves German Chocolate, Johana had Tres` Leche and Zacky had his own little cake too. (Johana's cake was DELICIOUS YUM!!!)

We have had fun celebrating all the birthdays the last two months. One more to go for January and then it calms down a little bit.


johnandcourtney said...

So fun! Looks like Brooklynn had LOTS of Birthday fun!

LindsayK said...

Aw, sorry no one ate the brownies! LOL. Way cute pics, and happy belated bday, Brooklynn!!!

Shannon said...

I can't believe how old Brooklyn is getting! She looks so big!

Greg and Heather said...

that is a lot of birthdays! looks like brooklynn had a great time!