Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Most of these are from 2 weeks ago. Cam was pretty sick and I am just getting to the pictures and blog.

In the morning she was in our bed and we got up about 7am. When I noticed she had blood all over her I checked in her bed. All she said was my nose was dripping. I can't believe that she didn't wake us up or say anything. I couldn't believe that all that blood and it was no where to be found. Ryan woke up a couple hours later and there was blood all over his pillow. He looked in the mirror and he didn't have a bloody nose. "Oh well" he thought.

I went in our room to make our bed and saw it. I realized that she got the bloody nose in the morning when she came in our bed about 6:00. Poor thing. She didn't say anything to us. At least it was an exuse for me to wash our sheets. But she hasn't had one before or since.

Cameron got an Elmo remote for Christmas and he has a couple play phones. Nope, he is too smart. He knows that those aren't the real things. So we have to take batteries out of the controllers for him to play with. He loves playing XBox and Wii just like daddy. We also have our old phone and keep the battery charged for him so it makes sounds for him to push the buttons and he knows how to make the ringer ring. Silly little boy. Cameron always sits on chairs and in his carseat with his legs crossed. What a little cutie.

Two weeks ago for Work of Art Wednesday Brooklynn made these cute flowers for her Grandma and Aunt Johana for their birthday celebration. She loves doing projects and I started doing better about doing more fun projects with her.

She is so intense when she is coloring, painting and concentrating.I love how she sticks her little tongue out.

Here is the finished project. She made 8 all together. Pretty good for a 4 year old.(I made the leaves) She is a perfectionist and gets mad if things don't turn out how she invisions them.

A few weeks ago we went out and played in the snow. Cam HATED it. He didn't want to play in the snow. He didn't like being all bundled up. He didn't even like sitting in the sled. I ended up getting him his wiggle car out and he had fun for about 5 more minutes. But he sure looked cute!

Brooklynn on the other hand had a blast. She tried to make a snow man and snow angel. Didn't work too well though. She played in the sled and just rolled around in the snow. We don't play out in the cold too much because of Brooklynn's lungs. If she gets a cold that usually means the next week of coughing, staying up at night, not breathing and throwing up. She had been asking since the last snow storm and I let her. She had a blast.

The snow wasn't sticky and we couldn't make a big snowman but we were able to make a little snowman. Though it isn't the cutest. We couldn't even gets the eyes and arms to stay in. But Brooklynn was satisfied. Introducing Brooklynn's snowman Lyno. (Don't ask she has the silliest names she makes up. Sometimes my name is Mamma Cocoa.)

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meg said...

I just have to say that I think you are such a good mom!! You are always taking time to do fun, crafty, and creative things with Berkie and your kids will remember all of it forever. You so make me want to do better!!