Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painters Half Marathon

About a week ago we went down to St. George for Ryan to run a Half Marathon. Luckily we got there in time to see Ryan finish.

Photobucket Perfect Picture Pose right at the finish line.

There is my Superman and little girly!

Photobucket It was really cold waiting for the Awards.

I was really happy that Cam finally got cozy and fell asleep. He really needed a nap.

Brooklynn our little Poser. It wasn't raining but she liked her accessory.

Wahoo! Go Ry. He got 12th overall and 2nd in his age group. We are so proud of Ryan and all his accomplishments.

Photobucket Grandpa Oldroyd ran the 5K. He did really good too. He got 4th place and was only about 20 seconds from 3rd place. He would have gotten a trophy too. But we are still proud of him.

Photobucket Since it was cold we stayed in the condo most of the time. This was the only time Cameron stayed still for more than a few minutes. He is a busy boy and had a lot of fun with all the Wii controllers and remotes.

Photobucket Brooklynn was really good the whole time and always found something to do. Except for the first night when Cameron was up all night. Both kids were so good and slept great. Brooklynn was very proud of herself that she slept on the bed in the living room all by herself.

Photobucket Ryan kept himself busy playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. Although a few times he almost threw the controller. Thank goodness for the safety strap. I also have to add that I beat everyone at bowling. Wahoo! Normally I suck.

Photobucket We did go out to the playground one day. It was wet and sticky and after both kids sat in a puddle on the slide. We figured we might as well just let them get dirty anyways.

Photobucket These little horsies are so much fun.

Photobucket Cam did pretty good at getting on and off and moving around.

Photobucket Brooklynn is getting a lot more brave with slides. She even went down on her tummy face first. Go Berkie!

Cameron LOVED it! He kept going up the stairs down the slide. We had a lot of fun on our little trip. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd for letting us come with you for a couple days.

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Jeff and Nanci said...

Congratulations Ry and Grandpa!! That's totally awesome. They did great! It sounds like the kids stayed pretty entertained even without good warm weather.