Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4 Year old and 15 Month Stats!

Brooklynn turned 4 years old and is getting so big. She has always been pretty tall for her age and very skinny. She is now average for height and maybe she will have pants that don't turn into floods in a couple months. Poor little Berkie is healthy but she has to start back at Physical Therapy again. So we have gotta start practicing our exercises again.


Height- 40 Inches (50%)

Weight- 34.5 Pounds (40%)

Brooklynn loves to play dolls, polly's, littlest pet shops and with her stuffed animals. She changes her outfits about 3 times a day and loves her pj's. Brooklynn just learned how to spell Brooke and mom this last month, she is a little smartie. She loves to sing and dance and told me she can't wait to do it on a stage for everyone to watch and hear. Brooklynn loves to draw and paint and is very good at it and it amazes me seeing some of her pictures. Brooklynn is a little OCD and I think she gets it from me. She reorganizes her room just about every other day. It drives me crazy, but I sure love this girl.

Cam, Oh my little buddy. He changes and gets bigger every day. He is a skinny tall little guy with a big noggin. He has no health problems and is always our happy busy little guy. He HATE getting 5 shots at the doctor. OUCH! His 7th tooth just broke through this last week and it's been hard but he loves chompin' on his food.


Height- 32 Inches (75%)

Weight-22.6 Pounds (25%)

Cameron does not really like kid toys, but big boy toys. He loves remotes, phones and video game controllers. He loves teasing his sister and is pretty good at it. Cam has the best smile and gives a great grumpy face also. He is a busy body and all over the place. This little Curious George is our little monkey that climbs on EVERYTHING. He just discovered his voice about a month ago and doesn't stop talking. Too bad I can't speak his language. I love this boy, although he keeps me on my toes, it is worth every minute.


Lisa D said...

Such cute kids! I can't believe how old Brooklyn already is.

meg said...

wow!!They are growing up so fast!! You have some very cute kiddos! It's so muh fun to see how they grow and change into little people from just little babies!!Keep on posting all the fun things, I love your blog!!

Greg and Heather said...

adorable! i would go crazy with the changing of outfits 3 times a day. but my boys are not organized at all.