Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ryan's birthday

Okay okay, so I am a blog slacker lately. But just because I haven't blogged about it doesn't mean that I forgot my hubby's birthday. So Ryan is old now. He turned the big 30. Woo woo! Twice now in the last year the subject has come about his birthday and throwing him a party. He didn't want one so I am a good little wife and listened. Good thing too, Cameron has been sick and pretty miserable all week.

Brooklynn wanted us to make Daddy his favorite breakfast, Pancakes and eggs. So we planned on getting up at our normal time that morning (6:30-7am) and making breakfast. Well since Cam was sick he was up all night and ya, we slept in. Well with his weird working hours it just didn't work out. But we were able to make him a cake. It was a white two layer cake with Strawberry filling and strawberry frosting. It's not what it looks like on the outside but inside that counts. And it is yummy. Brooklynn really wanted to dye the frosting green. The purpose of the Gnome is for a family reunion thingy (we are doing the Amazing Race, super fun!) But it also resembles that I am married to an old man now.

So Ryan had some presents waiting for him. His birthdays are always hard, first off he always buys whatever he wants before his birthday and second it is right before Christmas.

Ryan really wanted this little toy that we saw at Gardener Village one day. So I got it for him. He really is just a kid at heart.

Brooklynn is amazed by it and loves to play with it.

Cameron likes this gift best. Okay, so here is the story... On my birthday I really really really wanted a big nice crock pot. I had been using a small one that my mom got for her wedding. It is old and takes about 2 hours longer to cook. Ryan thought that was dumb and said, "I might as well buy you a vacuum too so you can cook and clean." (Plus he did get a video game that came out on my birthday too.) So I thought I would give him this vacuum for me. We have a Kirby but it is so big to take to vacuum the stairs and little messes. We wanted to give it to Cam for Christmas, but already went overboard. So that is why I got him a little vacuum for his birthday.

He also got a new shirt, not the scooby doo one Brooklynn wanted to buy him. And a few other little fun birthday things. It was a fun day that we spent together.

I am so thankful for Ryan and the 9 crazy birthdays we have spent together. We have gone through a lot together and Ryan is the rock. He also has been there for me through some other personal things medical and especially when my parents got divorced. Ryan is always there for me. He is a great husband and dad. Ryan is my best friend and always makes me laugh, especially when I want to be mad. Can't I just be a grouch sometimes, but no he always has to lighten the mood. (That is why I love the kid.) He really is the life of the party and I love every minute I spend with him.

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Jamie said...

Happy Bday Ryan! Hope Cam is getting better.