Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa and a Gobb-Ling!

Last week for our Ward Christmas party they always do a Breakfast and then Santa comes to visit. I knew that Brooklynn didn't want to sit on his lap because she had a few requirements before coming...
1. Santa cannot eat Breakfast with me.
2. Santa cannot pinch me again (last year he went to shake her hand and she insisted he pinched her.)
3. I AM NOT sitting on his lap.

So we didn't make her in fact she was so upset that Ryan had to take her out of the room. It is very sad. I keep telling her he is so nice and brings presents and he is just like a grandpa but wears a red suit and hat and has a beard. She always laughs like, Oh ya. But than is just scared to peices.

Cam on the other hand I wasn't sure what his reaction would be. He was confused, uncertain, but did not cry. What a little cutie. He just sat there like, "uh, what am I suppose to do?" The gnome sitting with them is part of a family reunion thing (The amazing race and we had to take different pictures with it. This will be a good memory.)

Do you know what a Gobb-Ling is? No, not Boblin or Goblin. "Gobb-Ling ling" As Berkie would say. (She always repeats the second part if we don't understand.)
Don't you worry I didn't know what it was either. And no it is not the gnome, we named him Brown Noser. Earlier in the week when Brooklynn and Cam were taking a bath this was our conversation.

Berkie- "Gobb-Lings are real animals, I build them with bubbles in the water. They can swim."
Me- "So they are bubbles that you make?"
Berkie- "Yes, they are real."
Berkie continues- "Oh and they are soft and fluffy. You gotta be real real careful."
Me- "Oh yes, I see."
Berkie- "Oh no, he died." "Well I will make a new one."
I was just enjoying watching her, especially when Cam kept trying to pop the bubbles and she would make new ones.
Berkie- "This is the sound they make ~hhhhhhffffffff~" (Breathing really deep out of her nose.)
Me- That is kinda scary.
Berkie- "No, it's not scary, they are nice they are real animals."

She sure has quite the imagination. Brooklynn is so fun to watch play, she is very entertaining.

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Meghann said...

We saw Brooklynn at the breakfast...she looked terrified, poor girl! She is so brave though to set down the law before coming and still coming to the party even with Santa in attendance. I {heart} your gnome.