Saturday, December 12, 2009

Best Kids Ever!


So cute. I took this tonight when they were watching The Polar Express. It has been a rough week with Cam not feeling good, but anything is worth moments like this. Brooklynn is such a sweet Big Sis and Cam just loves to follow her around. Cameron has had a thing about putting crackers, cereal and random food items in a bowl. But he has to eat it on the couch. Hmm I wonder who he learned that from...(Ryan) It is just so cute.

Berkie and Cam, I love you both so much. Brooklynn always tells me. "Mom, you are my best mommy EVER. And one of my best friends." So I want to tell you guys. "You are my best kids. Love you."

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Lace said...

Kylee and I watched that last night too!!! I love little moments like these!