Friday, July 20, 2012

Random January-February

In the winter we read lots and lots of books. Especially on cold winter days. McKenna loves books like the rest of us do.

Dressing up is always a fun past time at our house.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year again this year with some home-made Sweet and Sour Chicken, white rice, egg rolls and poki sticks. YUM! One of our favorite dinners.

For the Chinese New Year we also watched Mulan and talked about chinese traditions.

Cameron was still recovering from surgery and then he got sick with the flu. It was horrible. Poor kid threw up so much. Luckily he learned what to do and usually made it to the bathroom. He was so dehydrated. He watched a lot of movies.

Brooklynn changed from morning Kindergarten to afternoon Kindergarten. She did so much better and made a lot of friends the first day of school. With in a couple days she was even riding the bus by herself. So proud of her and glad she is doing better in school.

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Amy said...

love the updates! you guys were busy at the beginning of the year!