Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hard start to the new year

Our new year started out with some bad news about my cousin. She had passed away. Although she grew up in California and I am 3 years older it was still devastating. The one thing I always noticed about her is she was always smiling and happy. It was a very unexpected death and hard on her family and friends.

Brooklynn was so sweet and they had flower petals to put on the grave for the kids.

My dad and his 4 brothers and 1 sister haven't all been together in one place in over 11 years since my grandma passed away. (Patricia, Tim, Randy, Grandpa Dennis, Dad, Larry and RD)

Me and my girls at the funeral. Ryan had to work and Cameron had just had his surgery so he stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd.

My grandpa Budd also had some hardships and ended up in the hospital. To my family, my grandpa seems like he would just live on forever. He is 92 and this really is the first time he has not been able to do all his normal stuff like mow the lawn, drive himself to doctor apts or even the store and so forth. Since this visit to the hospital in January he has since been to the hospital 2 additional times.

My grandparents love is eternal and a love that is so sweet. I have always looked up to them. We love you guys!

I remember when these two events happened I said that I had a feeling this would be a hard year. A lot has happened, but we have gotten through it all. My grandparents health are both not doing great and I lived with them from the time I was 10 years old until I got married. When my parents had to work my grandparents were always there taking care of us. When I came home from school because I was sick, my grandma would come and get me. Over the last 7 years I have sat for countless hours talking with them about WWII and my grandpa has worked with me to get his story told. It has been a joy and I have loved seeing his face light up when ever we would read over what was written. I love them so much!

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