Monday, July 23, 2012

My little ♥Sweethearts♥

My little cuties!

For the kids Valentine cards we took their
Brooklynn's says 'Be My Valentine'
Cameron's says 'Don't be a Nerd, Be My Valentine.'
McKenna's says 'Lil' Sweetheart'

Ryan's poster board Valentine from me. Kinda "nerdy" but oh well.
The kids got some little gifts from us for Valentines.

 They each got a new shirt, $1 sunglasses(love Target's one spot)

They got a new book and a little something extra as well. Cameron, as you can see got underwear.

My favorite Valentine hairdo is the heart shaped little bun thing. So cute!

It was fun being at Brooklynn's class helping with the games. She had a lot of fun and liked having me there. I enjoyed being there as well!

That night we decorated some sugar cookies!

They all enjoyed eating them! YUMMY!

♥I am so thankful for my cute little family and my husband whom I have loved for a very long time. This was our 11th Valentines Day together and I am more in love today!♥

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