Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cameron's surgery

Cameron had some problems sleeping for awhile. We had seen a few doctors and they decided to take out his tonsils and adnoids and possible SMR. A few days before his surgery my fingernail accidentally scratched Cam's eye. I took him to the Insta care and poor kid did have a scratch.

He was so brave and since with the prescription I got a free gift card at Target Cameron picked out a new toy.

Cameron had to have his surgery at Primary Children's (not Riverton), since he was so young and his surgery involved breathing issues. He loved the little playroom while we waited.

And of course found toys everywhere we went. Poor Cam did not want the medicine (Versed). Poor kid screamed and cried. Since then (about 5 1/2 months ago) he will not take any medicine. Sad for him and me.

He did calm down and watched Finding Nemo while he waited.

Surgery went well. They did have to do the SMR (It's like a rotor rooter for the nose). The Allergist and the ENT both said that he will probably have more SMR surgeries in his life since he has some allergies. (I will get to that in another post.) Poor kids hated this. Right when he woke up he just freaked out and ripped out his IV. I came in about a minute later and he was calm by then, but just started crying when he saw me. It is so hard for someone so little who just didn't understand.

Cameron recovered really well. He did way better than Brooklynn did with hers. The next day he was eating potatoe chips. The doctor said it was fine as long as he felt okay with it going down. He pretty much ate normal except the fact that he ate small amounts and just several times in the day. Cameron would not take any medicine at all. By the 3rd day I was injecting it in his jell-o, applesauce, cereal... whatever I could. He always ate it all and then the next time he wanted to eat wouldn't eat it again. For example if I put it in apple sauce the next time he was hungry he would say, "I hungry, I not want applesauce." After a day or so he could eat it again. I think it was the after taste or effects, since it made him sleepy. But he sure is my tough kid.

He would fall asleep all over the place. The weird thing is he didn't sleep as much as he did before surgery. Because he had big adnoids and tonsils he had sleep apnea and couldn't breath. So his sleep was constantly interupted so he was always tired sleeping about 13 hours at night and 3 hour naps during the day. Now he was sleeping 11-12 hours at night and about 1-2 hour naps.

Seriously I love this kid!

He hated his medicine. I am not exactly sure what was happening in this picture. I think Brooklynn took it. I am so glad he is doing better now and about 5 months later is now sleeping 11 hours at night and about every 2 days he might take a nap for an hour or so.

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