Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy New Year

Muffin Tin New Years lunch

The Kids always ♥love♥ fun creative lunches!

New Years at Noon! Since my kids are early birds we celebrated New Years at 12:00 Noon. They made their own instruments and it was really cool. The sounds were really fun.

At night we watched a movie.

When the younger kids went to bed Brooklynn and I played some games.

We also played Farkle. Berkie won!

The kids left their shoes out for Jack Frost.

They each got a fun gift and a game to play as a family!

So exciting! (P.S. Brooklynn woke up with a bloody nose. When she is older she is going to be mad at me for using this picture.)

We found another fun recipe in Brooklynn's book and made Lemonade cupcakes!

It was a fun New Years!

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