Wednesday, April 13, 2011

St. George

Photobucket About two weeks ago we went to St. George for a little getaway. We stayed in the condo with Ryan's parents. While Ryan and his parents went golfing the kids and myself had a little picnic for lunch and watched a movie. Photobucket One night we went to an awesome park to play. Brooklynn is a little timid at this kind of stuff but she had fun and was more daring than I expected. She did get hurt though. Cam is not scared in the least and even when he fell really hard twice he got right back up to play again. Photobucket We did spend some time just in the condo. Cam watched a lot of movies, Brooklynn colored and McKenna just sat and looked cute. One night Brooklynn wasn't feeling well and had some allergies. Once we put a wet cloth on her eyes she went right to sleep. The next day Brooklynn was feeling worse and worse. Only one more day until we were leaving. On the drive home we called the doctor and went straight to the doctors office. Brooklynn had strep for the 5th time in 12 weeks. (We made an apt with an ENT and she is getting her tonsils out this Friday.) Photobucket Of course we had a blast swimming. It wasn't all that warm, but still fun. Cam HATES it, Brooklynn LOVES it and McKenna didn't know what to think of it. All in all a fun trip and we love St. George. It is Ryan's favorite place to go, I am sure for the golfing mostly, I like the shopping. Thanks Mom and Dad Oldroyd for letting us come with you.

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