Friday, April 29, 2011

Brooklynn's Surgery

Photobucket Brooklynn had Strep 5 times in 12 weeks. Also in the 12 weeks Cam had it twice. So we got her tonsils and adnoids out. She was so brave waiting and had so much fun. She wasn't even scared, but I cried... Okay- I didn't cry, but my eyes welled up a little. It is a scary thing sending your child off with someone else. She got to make a sack puppet Bunny and color a hospital doll. She named hers Olivia. (I thought I had a picture of it, but I will add it later.)

Photobucket Brooklynn woke up and told me that she didn't like the watermelon flavor that they gave her in the mask. "I should have chose Root Beer." We took her home and got her a Slurpee and she got to watch a movie in her bed. She took her medicine so good and hardly complained. She never got the bad 3rd day that usually comes after surgery, but days 6 and 7 she had really bad ear pain. She is now better and so far so good. I am done with this strep thing.

Photobucket Brooklynn got some "Get Better Presents!" We gave her new jammies and Cameron and McKenna gave her a Princess book. My mom (Grandma Bean) gave her a Belle doll and some other princess stuff do use while she was sick.

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