Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Egg Hunts

Oldroyd Easter Egg Hunt

Photobucket We did a fun Easter Egg hunt with the Oldroyd family. The kids went wild and found a lot of eggs. We had lots of money in the eggs. Total was about $20+. Cameron really didn't care much about the eggs and just wanted to ride the bikes. Brooklynn had fun but isn't really the competetive-sporty type. My kids got about .50 total. Oh well, they got lots of candy and other prizes.



Dennis Easter Egg Hunt

Photobucket At my moms Easter Egg hunt the kids had so much fun as well. Here again, Cameron didn't really care, but for the kids it's "Even Steven" or as my siblings call it "Communism Easter Egg Hunt". So they got a ton- Coloring books, purse, candy, Barbie toys and much much more.

Now for the adult Easter Egg hunt (no pictures) it is ... AWESOME!!! My mom goes all out. It is usually you get what you get. Well one year she decided to let us all find the eggs, the winner got $5, but then she would even out the prizes. EVERYONE- (but me) complained. I didn't mind because I always lose anyways. My brothers and sisters called it the communist Easter Egg hunt. So it only lasted one year.

My mom gets a weird satisfaction out of watching her 4 kids and 3 in-laws jump, run, push, search and body slam. Now everyone in my family knows that I do not push or body slam so they don't do it to me. I am not competitive in that way. But everyone else is fair game cause they do it to each other. In the past 11 years Ryan has won a majority of the hunts (most eggs), Johana and Josh do really well at getting awesome prizes. Jake and Terra also do well and I think everyone, but me has won. I always get the least amount of eggs. Now that Camille is in the family she got less than me though. This year Ryan won with 70 eggs, he got about $20 and a Jamba Juice gift card- the rest candy. I got second to last with 35 eggs, about $20, gift cards to: Barnes and Noble, Target, Fresh Market, Movie theatre, 2 Toys R us tickets and I found the Golden egg which was $25 gift card to Olive Garden.
Thanks mom it is so much fun.

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