Friday, July 24, 2009

Terra we love you, Happy Birthday!

Well my little Sis Terra is having a birthday August 7th, but she will be gone in Germany for school. Originally Ryan teased her that we would have a party for her on her birthday, but of course we wouldn't do that. So last night we celebrated her birthday.

The kids love blowing out the candles with her. Happy Birthday Sis. We love you!

On everyone's birthday my mom always buys cake of the birthday person's choice and then Ryan a white cake. Usually we get a snickers cake (Ry is allergic to peanuts) or chocolate cake and Ry just isn't a big fan. Well it became a habit for her to always buy a white cake too. Ryan and Terra fight like brother and sister. Okay I shouldn't say fight, tease each other like brother and sister. Terra insisted that he wasn't going to get a white cake this year. So they hid the white cake and only had a german chocolate. Ryan noticed and teased her that she didn't love him. Well later she brought up the white cake and had that written on it. They are silly.

I will miss Terra for the month that she is going to be gone. I worry about her and she agrees that she is horrible with directions and knows that she will get lost more than a few times. I am so proud of her and glad that she is brave and doing these wonderful things, but I still get worried. I called her this morning and reminded her to not talk to strangers and be careful. Of course I know she will be fine and I was just teasing her. We all know I am a worry wort and over protective. So I was just showing her my love. I will miss her over the next month and who am I going to call when I get bored and am driving. (It drives her nuts! She doesn't like to talk on the phone much.)

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LindsayK said...

Oh, I LOVE that cake!!! LOL. That is so hilarious!