Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Happy Independance Day! Ryan had to work the day before so when he got home in the morning myself and the kids went to our neighborhood breakfast while he showered and got ready. Afterwards we were off to St. George. The Oldroyd's have a timeshare and so we try to go 1-2 times every year. Everyone was able to come down this time except Jeff and Nanci had to work, we sure missed them.

Look at my cute little man in his Red, white and blue. He is a cutie. I love holidays and especially getting way into them. (It's my mom's fault, we always celebrated everything.) My brothers like to tease me and say... "I am surprised you don't put sparklers in Brooklynn's hair." Well that sure would be cute, dangerous, but cute.

There is Brooklynn, I couldn't find any cute girl flag clothes so I made this little skirt. It's not the best sewing job, but she pulls it off.

At the condo there is a little pond that you can fish in. The kids had a lot of fun trying. Brooklynn really wanted to catch a fish.

Tyler was really into it. He looked like a pro.

This is just a silly picture, Kassie kept blowing big bubbles.

Poor Sannah was so scared of the fireworks. Grandpa Oldroyd kept covering her ears and walked her around. Eventually she fell asleep and they used Alex as their pillow.

Cameron wasn't too sure about the fireworks.

Watching fireworks. It was hard to go from Salt Lake's fireworks to St. George. They aren't as extravagant and a lot shorter. It was still fun, except the ride back to the condo. Cameron cried about 20 minutes of it.

Brooklynn loved swimming and going behind the waterfall. It is so nice that she can swim anywhere in the pool with her lifejacket on.

Swimming made the 106 temperature worth it. We had a lot of fun.

Cute Savannah swimming in the pool.

I was so sad, I forgot Cameron's swimming suit. But he still looked cute and loved the water. It did take him a minute to get used to it though.

Me and my boy! He is such a snuggler.

We went to the St. George Temple on Sunday night. Brooklynn asked where Angel Moroni was. Brooklynn knows that on all the temple's that she sees there is Angel Moroni. There are 9 temples with out Angel Moroni and after talking to the man at the visitors center, there isn't a real reason that is known of why some do not have it.

Brooklynn loved all the exhibit's and model homes. She loves learning about church stuff.

It was fun seeing the temple and walking around as a family.

On Monday it was Ryan's mom's birthday. So we decided to celebrate. We ended up going to the Pizza factory mostly cause we knew it was easier for Brooklynn rather than a nice restaurant, then we had gotten a cheesecake.

When we were eating Brooklynn said, "Hey, we have to sing Happy Birthday. So we sang to her.

We had a blast in St. George and loved spending time as a family. Even though there was some illnesses, wetting pants, tantrums and then some... It was awesome.

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johnandcourtney said...

Brooklyn looks so cute in her Fourth outfit! Looks like a great time.