Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I wanna be a cowgirl...

Last Saturday we went to Nanci's mom and dad's to ride horses. We had so much fun.

My cute little Cameron happily awaiting for his turn.

Cute Savannah loved riding horses and had a blast. She wanted to keep getting on. The next morning I heard she woke up and said "Go ride horses?"

Brady is a pro on the horses. He even took Brooklynn for a ride.

Gracie and Nanci riding Hearts. She is definately a cowgirl and is a darn cute one.

Jeff took Cam on the horse. This picture looks scary, but Cameron was fine.

Kassie loves riding horses and isn't scared one bit.

Brooklynn has been asking for a long time when she can go ride Nanci's horse and she finally got to.

Here is a better picture that isn't as scary as the last one. Cameron is so cute, but he really didn't care about the horse.

Ryan's sister Allyson took a ride on it too! Go Ally!

Doesn't Jeff look cute in Gracie's hat.

Alex isn't too enthusiastic about riding, but I think she still had fun.

Eric and Abbie taking the horse for a spin. Abbie surprised me, she was a little nervous to get on. But she still did great.

Danielle took Chase and he had fun. What a great time we had. I did take a ride but didn't get a picture. It was a fun night and great BBQ.


the nayz said...

How fun. This would be Jayci's dream to do this.

Jeff and Nanci said...

It was way fun. I love the picture where Cameron is letting his tongue hang out just like the horse. LOL Cute pictures.