Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oquirrh Temple

Last night I had the opportunity to go and clean the Oquirrh Temple. My friend in my ward drove with me and we got there at 10pm and we cleaned all the windows and mirrors. It was so neat and beautiful. We finished around 11:00 and then we mopped the floors. After that I went out and found out that Cameron woke up and was screaming. Ryan would go and comfort him and let him cry and luckily it only lasted about 30 minutes. We waited at the temple to get a private tour and they let us just walk around and look at the rooms, until everyone was ready. Kaydee and I made our way to the Celestial room and it was amazing. We went in there 3 different times and each time my heart just started pounding. The spirit you felt was amazing. We stayed in there in seperate parts and didn't talk to each other and had about 10 minutes to ourselves. I looked around and just knew that people that love me were there with me. I just knew that Heavenly Father knows everything that I am going through. Even though sometimes things are hard and we don't know what decisions to make, it will be ok. After everyone was ready and the temple was spotless we got a tour and he even led us down to the bottom of the baptismal font where the oxen are. It was amazing. It was a great feeling and wonderful experience and I am so glad that I had that opportunity. And thanks honey for staying home with the kids and listening to a screaming baby while I went.


Alisha said...

What a neat experience! I'm so jealous!

Kittermans said...

WOW, cool experience. How did you get that gig???

Greg and Heather said...

we're headed over there to see it tomorrow! when we worked for the open house, we were just outside in the tent so i'm excited.