Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Stuff

Easter was a lot of fun this year. Brooklynn woke up and had to find her Easter basket. (we gave her a little help.) We went to church and after wards ate dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Oldroyd, Eric, Danielle, Katie, Abbie, Tyler and Chase. Daddy had to go to work and we headed off to see Grandma Bean.
Because of all the nurses in the family we did the Oldroyd kids easter egg hunt a week later. And the Dennis kids and adult easter egg hunt a week later too. At the Oldroyd Easter egg hunt she got two Littlest Pet Shop animals, Lip Gloss, a ring, a princess bouncy ball and some money. At the Dennis Easter egg hunt she got a new dress, a water ball, sidewalk chalk, a stretchy bunny, a couple other toys and some treats.
As for Ryan and I we didn't do as well as we usually do for our Easter egg hunt. Ryan got a lot though he found 71 eggs and got a Blockbuster gift card, 2 Panda Express gift cards, a Seagull Book gift card, The movie Mr. Magoriums Wonderful Emporium, 1 movie pass, Bubbles, Robin Eggs, Twinkies and lots of candy. I only got 35 eggs (Brooklynn picked up 3 of them) I got a Smith's gift card and 1 of the movie passes and the rest candy. I do have to add. My sister Terra and Ryan are the biggest rivals during the hunt. They follow each other around and in the past they have both even dived in on the same egg. This year was alittle more mild but a few times Ryan would pretend he saw an egg and go to run to get it. Of course Terra hurried after it and there was no Ryan behind her. He thought it was quite funny. Terra was the one laughing in the end. She won the hunt and had something like 80 eggs. It was a lot of fun. If you are wondering I lost big time, Johana was 2nd to last and she had like 55 eggs. So I was only 20 eggs behind. But overall together we got a lot of stuff and had fun. I hope this adult easter egg hunt tradition never dies.


Allyson said...

Ummmm...can I come to your adult hunt next year? I've never heard of such a thing. Is that your mom's idea? It sounds like her.

Amy said...

That is better than Ryan and I did...we just count Will's eggs as our eggs and we lucked out with more candy than we could dream of. But I would like be apart of an that adult Easter egg hunt too!

Ryan & Dani Oldroyd said...
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